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How Dua Use To Break Haram Relationship?

How Dua Use To Break Haram Relationship or to break unlawful relationship of husband called ayat to stop illegal relationship. Solve your problems like how to get rid of illegal affair in Islam?

Relationships are beautiful. They make our life complete. But sometimes, things can turn out to be ugly, and being in a relationship, can cause you a lot of pain. Breaking a relationship can be very challenging. You would need a lot of guts and courage to come out of a toxic relationship.

How Dua Use To Break Haram Relationship

How Dua Use To Break Haram Relationship

Also, unlawful relations are something that destroys everyone’s life. It can bring bad days to you and your family. Nobody wants a cheating partner or a spouse whom you cannot trust upon. Many people run illegal relationships, and the sad part is, they do not care about anyone’s feelings.

If you have witnessed such unsocial relationships and wish to break the same, then this dua can be very helpful. It is an effective dua to break a haram relationship. If you have tried all the other ways but gained no success to break the relation, then keep faith in Allah Tala and perform the dua with full concentration.

You would need to read this dua to break haram relationship three times a day, daily. Do this for at least 11 days, and within this time, you will notice positive results.

You should read the Namaz before performing the dua and make sure that no one is around when you are reading this. Perform it from your heart with all faith, and you would surely get desired results. The dua is as follows:

“Kulla hu Walla hu Ahada Bismillah hu Wasi Kinha Yalid Myulad wa Lamya Kullahu wa Fuwaahan Ahada”

How Ayat Use To Stop Illegal Relationship?

How Ayat Use To Stop Illegal Relationship? The signs of illegal relationships are sometimes quite evident. If your partner is cheating or double-timing you, then the chances are high that it would reflect on his behavior.

From not giving you proper attention to lying to you about random things, all these can be signs that he/she is cheating on you.

The first thing for you to do in such a situation is confirming your doubts. If you are sure that your partner is cheating on you, then proceed with this wazifa to break that illegal relation.

Every relationship comes with a lot of challenges. Trust and respect is the binding force in a marriage. If one of the partners breaks it, then it becomes very difficult for the other to go on with the relationship.

First, confirm that your partner has an illegal relationship with someone else, then this is the right time to react and perform ayat to stop illegal relationships.

You will need to perform the rituals with faith in your heart. Before you start with the ayat to stop illegal relationship, make sure that

  • You are in a state of ablution or Wudu
  • Recite durood Saleem three times
  • Recite surah al Faitha for eleven times
  • Then chant this dua for thirty-three times:

“Tabbat Yada Bin waa Tabbaab Magh luhu naha Mahgh wa Kasab Naraan aa swasmil kha Lahaab Fatiha hu Haam wai Hataab”

  • Recite the surah al Faitha for eleven times once again
  • Complete this procedure by reciting durood salam for three times

How Dua Use To Break The Unlawful Relationship of Husband?

How Dua Use To Break The Unlawful Relationship of Husband? If your husband has gotten into an unlawful relationship, we will understand what you must be going through.

Do not lose your hope and read dua to break the unlawful relationship of husband. Sometimes human efforts are not enough to get what we want. In such cases, it is better to depend on the blessings and power of Allah Tala.

Cheating and breaking trust in a married relationship is the ultimate form of deceit. If you are sure that your husband has cheated on you, follow the steps given below to get rid of his haram relationship.

  • Visit a Muslim graveyard or ‘Kabarsthaan’ at 12 noon
  • Sit between two old graves and recite Salavat once
  • Then recite Surah Lahab for five hundred times
  • Then take the name of your husband and his illegal partner and make a wish to Allah to break their relationship

Remember that this ritual would not work on your self. Also, your intentions should be pure, and this wazifa is to break illegal relations only. Allah Tala is the supreme power, he knows everything.

So if you perform this with true intentions and faith in your heart, then he will surely listen to your prayers. Along with this, you can also chant this effective dua to break the husband’s unlawful relationship five times:

“Kholla Hoo Ahada Allah Bismillah waa Sikwayat Khubri yu waa illiaha Zufriya waa fuhawn Mayullad”

Do this whole procedure and recite the dua for twenty-one days at a stretch to get desired results.

How To Get Rid of Illegal Affair In Islam?

How To Get Rid of Illegal Affair In Islam? Sometimes our loved ones or we get entangled in illegal relationships. It is a mistake, and one shall never do it. But nothing can be better than identifying your mistakes and trying to rectify the same.

However, the way out from illegal relationships is not very easy. If you or your loved ones get trapped in such a relationship, then do not worry. We are here to help you. Below we will discuss how to get rid of illegal affairs in Islam.

Blessing of almighty Allah can heal a lot of things. If you are unable to get rid of the illegal affair by yourself, we will suggest you have faith in Allah’s power. He will be there to help you get all the things that you wanted.

Remember that this dua will not break any legal relationships. It would work only on illegal affairs and would increase the love between spouses.

Performing the wazifa and reciting dua daily will make partners faithful to one another. Now, let us see

How To Get Rid of Illegal Affair In Islam

  • Perform Wudu at first
  • Then you should read your daily Namaz first
  • Once done, recite Durood e Sharif for eleven times
  • Then read by Ism e Azam which you should recite four thousand times
  • In your mind keep a clear picture of the situation that you want
  • Make a dua to Allah Tala and tell him about ending the illegal relationship

It would help if you continued doing this for at least three months.

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