Wazifa For Cruel Mother In Law 5/5 (6)

Wazifa For Cruel Mother In Law

Wazifa For Cruel Mother In Law or to control mother in law can be use to get rid of mother in law. We will provide you wazifa to keep mother in law away.

Which Wazifa Use For Cruel Mother In Law?

Marriage is a special bond that binds two hearts and souls together. Getting a husband of your choice is like a dream come true. But there are certain relations which make everything bitter, especially the relationship with your mother in law.

Though it is not true for all, but in general, it is found that the bride is often haunted by the mother in law. Your mother in law becomes the source of your annoyance, as she finds fault in everything you do. No matter how much you try, you cannot satisfy her.

Wazifa For Cruel Mother In Law

Wazifa For Cruel Mother In Law

Her presence intimidates you, and you do not feel free to do anything around her. You remain under constant fear and pressure. She takes away the peace of your mind, and you feel that life would have been better if you could get rid of her.

Now, for whatever reason, you have to stay with your mother in law and cannot think of changing house and have a separate family. In such circumstances, you have to find ways by which you can keep your mother in law in control, so that she becomes incapable of destroying your domestic bliss.

Here, you are provided with some wazifas which will help you have a friendly atmosphere at your home. When you raise your hands in praise of Allah, glorify Him and ask for His mercy, He fulfills all your needs, as He is the Giver and Sustainer of all.

Only you have to be careful that these wazifas are done from the heart, with good intentions and not for causing harm to anyone. With Allah’s kindness bestowed upon you, In Sha Allah, you will gain protection from your mother in law.

Which Wazifa Use To Control Mother In Law?

Wazifa To Control Mother In Law, You may be newly married or have spent years with your in-laws. But you find that your mother-in-law does not provide you with any liberty taking any decision.

The problem becomes severe when she pokes her nose even in personal matters related to your husband. You feel remorse having no freedom to express your opinions. At such times, it becomes necessary for you to control your mother in law.

The wazifa, given below In Sha Allah, will show good results if done correctly. You have to take a bath and do wadu. Perform two rakats of Nafal Salat and then recite the dua given below for 313 times.

“Fa LillahilHumdo Rabbis SamawateWaRabbil Arda Rabbil Al Amin WaLahulKiriyaUfisSamawaate Wal ArdeWahualAzizulHaakil”

Remember to recite Darood Shareef for 11 times, both before and after the wazifa. You can do the wazifa any time in a day, but it is best done after Fajra Salat or Asar Salat.

For seeking protection from your mother in law, recite the names of Allah after every obligatory prayer. Say for 100 times-

“Yaa Azizo, Yaa Hakimo,Yaa Mannano, Yaa Rahmaaner Rahim”

Which Wazifa Use To Get Rid of Mother In Law?

Wazifa To Get Rid of Mother In Law, When you find that your mother in law creates unnecessary problems for you, then you have to find ways to get rid of her. You cannot confront her verbally as it goes against your ethics.

Again, you lose your respect and image among other members of the family. In such a situation, you have to seek mercy from the all protecting Allah. When you please Allah with your prayers and have unprecedented faith in Him, He becomes happy and take care of all your problems.

To gain respect from your mother in law, repeatedly recite the wazifa given below.

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar YaMuizzu Aizza Ummatana Yaa MujeeboAjibDuana Yaa LatifoUultuf Bina “

You gain respect from everybody when you pay respect to God. To save yourself from the scornful words of your mother in law, after every obligatory salat, recite for ten times.

“Waa ZaaAlnaMim Baine Aidehim Saddau Waamin Khalfehim Sadda Fa Agsaina Hum Fahum La YubSeroon”

Which Wazifa Use To Keep Mother In Law Away?

Wazifa To Keep Mother In Law Away, Unfortunately, sometimes mother in law becomes the cause of separation for otherwise happy couples. She creates misunderstandings between husband and wife by speaking bad words about the wife.

When you find that your mother in law speaks false words in your husband’s ears, at your back, it becomes necessary for you to keep your mother in law away. For later, as much as you try, you find it very difficult to convince your husband about the false remarks she had already made.

It becomes very painful for you to go through such situations. You have to be very careful that things do not get worse. At any cost, you should not lose your value in front of your husband. Neither should you let anyone lower the love that your husband holds for you?

If your mother in law is so cruel and severe that you fear she might create a barrier between your husband and you, then recite ‘Ayat-ul-Kurshi ‘every morning and at night. Allah will send angels for your protection when you recite it, and nobody can harm you without His permission.

According to hadith, ‘Surah Kausar’ has a protective power to save you from anyone who tries to harm you. You can practice reciting this surah to keep your mother in law away. After Isa salat, before going to sleep, recite the surah for 313 times, word by word, as given below.

“Inna Atainaka Al Kausar, Fissalle Le RaabbokaWanhar Inna SaniyokaHualAbtar”

Here is another wazifa for protecting yourself from the cruelty of your mother in law. Recite for 70 times-

“Waallahu a Lamubi a DaikumWakafaBillahiWaaliyaanWakafabilLahinaSiraan

LaaYuhibbu Allahu Al Jahra Bis Saamina Al QawliIllamaanZulimaWakana Allahu SamiaanAlimaan”

If possible, after recitation, blow on her. Blowing on the clothes she wears will also give the same result.

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