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Dua To Change Someones Mind

Dua To Change Someones Mind or to make someone agree to what you say can be use to change husband’s mind. Use Islamic dua to control anyone’s mind and heart.

Can Dua Change Someone’s Mind?

In the tiring time that we live, you run different errands throughout the day. And at the end of the day, you seek solace and emotional support from your near and dear ones. However, if you are not able to achieve that, then you feel alone in the struggle of Life. And you fear and fret, knowing not how to maintain balance and achieve peace in Life.

Differences of minds between people occur due to the ego that works within. However, differences can be resolved by following certain guidelines. If you are helping, caring, and empathetic to the other person, he/she is likely to treat you with kindness.

Dua To Change Someones Mind

Dua To Change Someones Mind

So, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand his/her point of view. No doubt, it requires selflessness, and sometimes the other person is too adamant about being dealt with.

Try to change the person by being kind to him/her. Show your regards to him by helping him. Be affectionate and caring to erase the bitterness that exists. Along with this, seek Mercy of the benevolent God to attain peace in your relationship.

Pray your daily prayers on time, and practice wazifa to change someone’s mind. After every obligatory prayer, recite the following dua for seven times.

“Raabbanaiya Amaannaa Faagfirlaanaa Waarhaamnaa Waa Antaa Khaaira-ura Raahemina”

Read ‘Darood-e-Ibraheemi’ for 3 times both before and after the wazifa. Insha Allah, with the grace of Allah, the other person’s mind will soften. And you will find peace at home.

Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Say

Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Say, It is a bitter truth of Life that you are not free to do everything you feel like. You face opposition at the workplace and at home, too, regarding certain matters. However, you have a clear view of what you are going to do. It isn’t easy to convince others, especially your seniors.

At the workplace, you are supposed to carry on a task in the way which pleases your boss. You may have a better idea of implementing a project. But unless your boss agrees, you are bound to follow the pattern set by him. And this causes your mental dissatisfaction.

At home, too, you may face a similar situation. The senior members of your family might not allow you to pursue a dream which you so desperately want to follow. No matter how much you try, they turn down your proposals, making you feel so sad in not being capable of taking control of your life.

At such a point, more than pleasing others, it becomes necessary for you to execute your plans and establish an identity of your own. Without crossing the moral boundaries of disrespecting elders, you can pray to God for His Divine Support.

Practice the dua to make someone agree to what you say.

After Isha Salah, recite ‘Darood Shareef’ and ‘Ayat-ul Kurshi,’ each for 3 times. Then recite the following dua for 121 times.

“Haasbi Allaahua Laa IlaahaaIllaahoo Alaaihi Taawaaka-kaaltua Waahua-Aaa Robbula Aarsilyula Aazeema”

Insha Allah, with repeated invocation, Allah will turn things in your favor. People around you, Insha Allah, will start appreciating you and agree to what you say.

Dua To Change Husband’s Mind

Dua To Change Husband’s Mind, The situation becomes very tough when your husband is in disagreement with you. You have to manage your family matters in agreement with your husband. And when he does not approve your opinions, it feels suffocating.

Instead of accepting the inconvenience of your husband’s inability to understand you, you have to come forward to change his mind. You know changing his mind is important for both of you and the betterment of your family.

Discuss your points of view gently with him, so that he understands you. Also, pray to Allah regularly to harness His Divine Blessings. After Asar Salah, recite the dua to change your husband’s mind. Recite the following dua-

“Waa Qaalaa Niswaatun Fil Maadeenaatim Raa aatu Ul aazize Turaa Bedu Faataahaa aan Naafsehi Qaadsaa aafaahaa Hubbaa Innaa Laanaa RaahaaFi Daalaalim Mobin”

for 21 days. Blow on three cardamoms in a week. Powder the cardamoms and apply them on any food to be eaten by your husband. You have to make use of all the powdered cardamoms throughout the week. Repeat the process for three weeks, avoiding your menstrual period. In Sha Allah, with the blessings of Allah, your husband’s mind will change, and he will start listening to you. Change your husband’s mind using Powerful Wazifa To Control My Husband, and keep enjoy happy life with husband.

Islamic Dua To Control Anyone’s Mind And Heart

Love connects all hearts and minds. When you can touch the inner space of a person, a loving bond is established. Unless you reach the core of the heart of a person, suspicion and doubt persists. To erase them away, you need to establish a heart connection with the person who matters to you.

You can win someone’s mind and heart by valuing the goodness in him/her. A heartfelt appreciation and praise make the person feel worthy. When you reflect to them their positive image, you are in a position to control their mind and heart. Everyone is naturally inclined to goodness, and a positive vibe pulls a person like a magnet.

To achieve that, you have to clear your mind and see the worth of others. Try to understand and appreciate other’s point of view. Make him/her feel worthy and valuable, so that he/she is drawn towards you. When you can understand him, you can control his mind and heart by providing him valuable inputs.

To do that, you need to purify your mind with prayers. Light up your heart by reading salah daily and recite the Holy Quran. After Fazer Salah, recite the beneficial names of Allah.

“Yaa aallaahu, YaaWaadoodu, Yaa Maalik, YaaZuljaalaali Waal Ikraam”

for 100 times. Blow on water and make the other person drink from it. Insha Allah, with Allah’s blessings, a loving relationship will be established between you. And his mind and heart will be in your control. We all human beings share one soul and Allah Himself feels very happy to see them connected.

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