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Ruqyah For Jinn Possession

Ruqyah For Jinn Possession or to burn jinn can be use for love jinn. We will provide you solution about problems as how to remove jinn from yourself?

Which Ruqyah Use For Jinn Possession?

Jinn’s possession is not a denied concept in Islam as Allah, too, created jinns. And like us, they also have evil and good in them. So, when one comes under the possession of the jinn. Then whatever that thing is, it is not a follower of Allah. Many beings exist with us.

And just because they are not visible to us, that doesn’t mean they are not there. The Islamic way is a simple way and a protective way. Though we often think that it restricts us too much. But, Allah has a reason for everything. The moment we deviate from the basic precepts of Islam, we fall victim to these things.

Ruqyah For Jinn Possession

Ruqyah For Jinn Possession

But, when we do not maintain hygiene or not follow the Islamic footprint. Then, whenever we come across a jinn or out worldly being, it lashes on to us. And, once a person comes under the possession of the jinn. His or her world goes upside down, as from that on.

The evil takes power and uses the person as the conduit. May Allah protect each one of us from such evil. But once one tends to come under the possession from that person goes in limbo. Therefore, protection is a better cure.

Procedure For Ruqyah For Jinn Possession

Ruqyah is a kind of Islamic Exorcism which should be conducted with Islamic prayers only. And, the primary reason for possession is if the jinn is offended. Moreover, it turns out that the possessed person has done that.

Thus, be mindful of what you do. And, where you go and say.In this procedure, I am going to give you the method of self Ruqyah.

As a result, the procedure is as follows:

  • Sit on a quiet spot with good enough water in a bottle. And, seek the refuge in the mighty, by reciting the Bismillah Shareef thrice.
  • Now with true faith, recite the surah Fatiha thrice.
  • Along with that, recite the Ayatal Kursi again for three times.
  • When you are done with it, read the last two ayats of the Surah Baqra. Thus, always remember it is the most crucial part.
  • After that,  recite all the four kuls. Always remember that they are the best therapy.
  • Afterward, recite this What of Sihr, Recite ayaat of sihr three times each — 2:102 / 7:115 — 121 / 10:79 — 82 / 20: 65 — 70.
  • Now blow it in the bottle.
  • Drink the water from the bottle thrice.
  • And if possible, it is advised to bath from that water.
  • Also, offer the Namaz. And make the dua, even if you don’t want that to happen.
  • Inshallah, the possession will end soon.

Which Ruqyah Use To Burn Jinn?

Ruqyah To Burn Jinn, Well, only the creator can be destroyed. So it is in the hands of Allah alone. One should always ask for protection. And there is one more thing. Jinns are made of fire. So how can you put something to fire which is made of fire. Furthermore, our concentration should be on the fact that never to fall victim.

And this burning thing is a strong underpinning. So, only a professional could do that, and a layman cannot do that. Indeed, burning is the last thing that happens. So whatever you do should stand mindful of that. Therefore, if you are under possession, try to do what you can.

But, if the situation goes out of hand, then you must take the help of the expert. As that becomes essential. The person who is possessed is under severe stress. Also, one cannot deviate from the primaries. And, the related should take care of the rest of the thing.

The Procedure of Ruqyah To Burn Jinn

The process is known to the Expert and should be performed by him only.

Which Ruqyah Use To Love Jinn?

Ruqyah To Love Jinn, The love of Jinn is the pesky affair. As those who practice the powerful ilm, want to control that.  Thus, many practitioners want to control the Jinn. For that, many people read the Surah Jinn. But, many Islamic experts do not prescribe it.

Moreover one should stand strong on the path of Allah. As only he is the supreme power. He is the strongest of all. And he is the creator of us all. Furthermore, the love of such a thing is always risky. Moreover, keep Allah first, no matter what. So, love Allah only.

The Jinn concept is redundant.  Times have changed. So, it is always prescribed to practice thoroughly. Therefore, the love of Jinn is not above the love of Allah. And, if you have that much of time, it is advised to anesthesia time in something real. Put that time in the Namaz and recite the Quran.

The Procedure of The Ruqyah To Love Jinn

The process of the Ruqyah will remain the same. Only, you need to add the Surah Jinn. Also, let the expert do that.

FAQ About Ruqyah For Jinn Possession

How To Remove Jinn From Yourself?

If you want to remove the Jinn. First, you need to offer the Namaz. And practice the pak way. Stay clean at all times. It is advised that that person should remain in the state of the wudu. These are some little things that one should stay mindful of. Perhaps, one can and should remove the Jinn from one’s own body. The procedure is already mentioned. But, what That person should do is to recite the name of Allah. Furthermore, when one stays inclined to the almighty. Then no entity like Jinn can affect him. As a result, one stands safe at all times. Procedure: The procedure is the same as the above. So this self exorcism will undoubtedly help the person who is possessed. Furthermore, no matter what you feel. Keep sticking to it. After the while, you will start seeing the changes. So, let him be your god. And put your situation in his hands. Inshallah, one way or the other, you will come out of it. Ameen.

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