Ruqyah For Love Problems

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Ruqyah For Love Problems

Ruqyah For Love Problems or for love and attraction can be use for love marriage. We will solve your problems like how to get ruqyah for love problem solution?

Which Ruqyah Use For Love Problems?

Achieving and living with your true love is the dream of everyone. One does not want to be alone and not without their love. But such lovers usually face problems from society as well as their parents when they want to marry each other.

People who witness failure in their love life often destroy that life or even commit suicide, which is not right. For those performing ruqyah for love problems are the only way to achieve success.

As love created this world and wants everyone to be happy, he also establishes the existence of the feeling of love which no one can deny. Allah wants everyone to live peacefully and be satisfied.

Ruqyah For Love Problems

Ruqyah For Love Problems

As a true lover, you do not want to live without your love. Many people in distress also visit many of the astrologers and black magic specialists to find a solution to such problems.

For them, there is the procedure of ruqyah, mentioned in the Holy Quran. Following the procedures sincerely with a pure heart and with full devotion will lead you towards success.

The ruqyah is also helpful in cases when your love does not agree to marry you or rejects you. Only the person with real intention can achieve perfect results.

Which Ruqyah Use For Love And Attraction?

Ruqyah for love and attraction, A person who falls in love and faces some problems in their life often want to know the ruqyah for love and attraction. Such lovers know that only by this procedure, they can receive blessings from Allah to make their life successful.

Remember, this procedure works only for those who have pure intentions and are in true love. For this, you also have to be a humble and wise man who performs five namaz daily.

Never try to play with ruqyah if you have the wrong intention in your mind. Allah will punish such persons. Also remember, not to use such a procedure in attracting someone because that’s a different case;

This process is based on mutual lovers. Only such lovers who have promised each other to live life together are applicable for ruqyah. The process is as follows,

Thursdays are considered as the best to initiate the ruqyah for effective results. Remember, you will need to fast and keep yourself away from all kinds of food and drink throughout the day.

For achieving success one has to wake up in the mid-night after 12 as well to pray to the lord. Make sure to have your bath and do a proper wudu, later perform chant of the two Rakats.

Write down the Surah Alt Tawbaah Verse- 9:129 on a piece of paper. The dua is “Faa In tawallaaw Faa- Qulhas Biyallahulaai Laahailla Huwaalayhita Waak Kaltu WahuWarrabablar ShilaZeem.” You have to recite this dua continuously for 33 times.

In the case, you know the mother’s name of your partner chant”Ibni Hawwa.” Then roll the paper well and pack it in a taweez and wear it. You will see positive results within a few weeks.

Which Ruqyah Use For Love Marriage?

Ruqyah for love marriage, People who are looking for ruqyah for love marriage ways are on the right page. Performing such procedures, you can easily succeed in marrying your love without facing any problems from your parents as well as society. Everyone knows when the person is in love promises each other to live the rest of their lives together.

But sometimes condition arises that their parents are against their marriage. As a son or daughter, we do not want to break their heart, and we also cannot forget the love and care they provided us throughout our life.

For them performing this ruqyah is the best way to keep everyone happy. The procedure is simple but needs a pure heart and your sincere devotion. First of all, you have to be a person who is regular with your five times namaz without ant breaks.

You have to perform this wazifa in the mid-night by reciting the Tagajid Namaz “Yaa Allah Alhaamdulliah” for 1000 times. Perform this procedure for three weeks, without any gap in between. A female can take a break if they are witnessing their periods.

Soon, in a few days, you will observe that all the conditions will be favorable for you. You will see no problem in marrying your love, and your lovely parents will also support your relationship along with their blessings.

In case you do not witness any positive results in a few days, consult your Molvi Saab for their expert guidance. They will surely let you know your shortcomings in the procedure if any.

FAQ About Ruqyah For Love Problems

How To Get Ruqyah For Love Problem Solution?

Many people who face problems in their love life wants to know how to get ruqyah for love problem solution. Make sure that the process of ruqyah is only successful when one shows full devotion and is right by their heart. The method of performing ruqyah is mentioned in the holy book f Quran and also with Your Molvi Saab. But one should understand the necessities that are required in performing this procedure. Firstly, you have to believe in Allah; trusting him and keeping a positive attitude towards him is the key to success. Also, take care if you are reciting this dua; make sure you pronounce it clearly so that every word is clear to hear. Every ruqyah must contain at least the name “Allah” once. Any attributes related to Allah also will work. Praising of Allah and showing your full devotion is also necessary for achieving perfect results. Make sure that you are cleaned thoroughly by your body and even with your soul before starting such a procedure. Remember to perform this ruqyah in any secure place, such as your home. A remote and dangerous area such as a graveyard is strictly not allowed in such a process. Apart from the above parameters, the ruqyah should be sharp and keen to achieve 100% accurate results. One should have full confidence in their decision that is to marry their love. If you are confident and follow all the process of ruqyah with complete procedure and devotion, Allah will grant you with his blessings. You can then live a happy life with your lover.

How To Perform Ruqyah On Someone?

Well, the answer to this is straightforward. And one thing which you should always remember. Allah will not, in any case, support the wrong intent. So, whatever it may is, keep your heart clean. The procedure of the Ruqyah will remain the same. Also, in case you are trying to perform the Ruqyah to help someone. Then indeed, you should have the consent. And that person should stay with you. And, also communicate your intentions with Allah too. Ask for his permission. And it is recommended that you do the ‘Istikhara.’ Therefore, you will get the validation from the almighty himself. If you put him first, then he will never keep you second. He will never disappoint you. When you get ready for the Ruqyah, then make sure you and the one for whom you are doing it. Should offer the namaz, in best of your interest. And, when you are done with it. Then perform the Ruqyah with Surah Fatiha and Ayat al Kursi as it will help in preventing the danger. Just in case there is any — all you have to be a little cautious. Therefore, whatever harm will be there will go in no time. Inshallah. May Allah be your guard always. Ameen.

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