Dua To Forget The Past

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Dua To Forget The Past

Dua To Forget The Past or to forget bad memories can be use to make someone forget something you did. Get solve your queries about how to stop thinking about someone in Islam?

Which Dua Use To Forget The Past?

The past is full of baggage. At times it is full of something. Which we want to forget. As a result, our past is full of guilt. It has those evil things which we want to forget. But is it that easy? Perhaps not.

As it follows us wherever we go. And no matter how hard we want to get rid of it. We just aren’t able to do it. As a result, it is after us all the time. Day and night, we tend to think about it.

That is the thing with memory. It stays with us all the time. So, if that is the case with you. So, first of all, you need to learn to let go. Thus, in a way by doing that. You are just going to help yourself.

Dua To Forget The Past

Dua To Forget The Past

Furthermore, you need to forgive yourself. We all are humans, and we tend to make mistakes. Thus, it is better to accept. And at the same time don’t repeat them. Also, Allah is the only one who can forgive.

Therefore, if the guilt persists, then ask him to help. Inshallah, he will. We all want to forget the bad past. Most of the time, an evil past is complicated to let go of. Moreover, we don’t have control over our memory. But Allah can do anything. And if you want to forget the past. Then indeed, he will make it happen.

The Procedure of The Dua To Forget The Past

The methods are simple. First of all, do prayers regularly. As it will help you fight depression.
Now you need to recite the Surah 23.

That is surah Al Muminoon, the verse numbers 97 and 98. Thus after some time, you will see the change. At the same time, you need to change your mindset.

Which Dua Use To Forget Bad Memories?

Dua To Forget Bad Memories, Bad memories can act as shabby memories. Thus, it clung on to you. And do not let you go on. No matter how much you want to divert your mind. But that lousy thought keeps coming back to you. So, all you have to be real stern here.

As such, things boys you down for no reason. Also, when you don’t expect them to. They come and perturb you. These days mental peace is tough to fund. And bad memories are the real evil. So, here all you need is the real self-control.

The person who takes the name of Allah regularly. Will never let such memories come and bigger him. Thus, what you may feel. And the moment it strikes you. Therefore you need to be strong in your resolve.

Also, Namaz brings you peace. And it helps you fight depression. When such memories start coming to you, then you should realize that it is the beginning of your depression. Furthermore, you need to take the help of the counseling. Thus, all you need is to save yourself. No matter what.

The Procedure of The Dua To Forget Bad Memories

The dua has to be followed after the Namaz. So, it is better that you decide a single time for that. Thus, just before you start praying. Recite the following dua:

“Rabbi Aoothubika min hamazaatishshayateen. Waootubika rabbi a yah dhuroon.”

Inshallah, all your bad memories will go away. Ameen.

Which Dua Use To Make Someone Forget Something You Did?

Dua To Make Someone Forget Something You Did, At times our past contains some embarrassing things. Thus, when such a thing happens, we want to hide that from others. But what if such items are evident.

As others also know about them. And, whenever you come across them, you feel embarrassed.  So how to get rid of that. As we might have some control over our memories. But, not that of others. So if a second person knows about it. All we try is to have him forget that.

On the contrary, society has people who look for ways. They are unable to forgive or forget someone.  As a result, when they know about something. They use that thing to exploit the person. Thus such things happen just because we don’t have a fear of Allah.

Therefore, as a society, we need to change too. But if your situation is precarious. Then Inshallah Allah will come to your rescue. All you have to do is to keep a little patience.  And in your desperation, don’t do something which will cause you trouble.

The Procedure of The Dua To Make Someone Forget Something You Did

So here is one easy thing. The moment you meet that person. Or you are around him. Then just start reciting, “Ya Raufo.” As a result, they will do what you want. Or don’t contradict you most importantly.

FAQ About Dua To Forget The Past

How To Stop Thinking About Someone In Islam?

Well, Islam is an efficient religion. Thus all you have to do is to follow it diligently. And, never act as an emotional fool. As nothing is permanent in life. So all you need is to remind yourself of this. People come and go. And those who have to stay, they stay. And those who don’t, they will never. No matter how hard you try. So, in our text, it is written. The love of Allah is the truest of all. Furthermore, what is there for you will always be there. But, a person who was once there in your life. And now they are no more. Then diverting your mind is the best thing. Also, I am not saying you should forget about that person in a day. But, yes, indeed you can try. Once you keep yourself busy in Namaz and dua. Then Inshallah, you will see the change gradually. Also, dua had immense power. Once Allah knows what you want. Thus, inshallah, you will have his help. Moreover, you need to get rid of things, which reminds you of them often. And, when you start doing that. Then Inshallah, there will come the point that when letting them go. It will get effortless. And Inshallahit will happen. And, all you need is a little effort from your side.

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